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  Sigma Electrical Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou, China's largest low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor production base, an important economic center of the Yangtze River Delta, Tianbao, outstanding, garden heaven, known as "paradise on earth" - Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province.
  Sigma specializes in efficient and sophisticated cross-developed low-speed DC permanent magnet synchronous motor, development and production. Has advanced product testing and validation center, with a large number of imported machining centers, automatic grinding machines, CNC turning centers, grinders double-end, automatic winding machine and advanced assembly line. Each part is crafted to perfect, and extraordinary achievements product quality: subwoofer, high-precision, high torque, long life, high efficiency, high quality, low failure.

  Build first-class enterprises, tree century brand is the eternal purpose.
  The company has: TYD series of low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, DWT series DC permanent magnet low speed synchronous motor, STY series three-phase AC permanent magnet low-efficiency motors, GW series of low-speed three-phase AC motors, brushless DC motors DWY series, worm permanent magnet low-speed synchronous motor, low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor gear, DSYX series-speed motor, YDS ultra-low-speed motor, YN micro gear motor, CV (CH) gear motor high quality products. Simple has a structure, reliable operation, low temperature rise, small size, high efficiency, maintenance-free, it is widely used in various industries manufacturing industry, where low-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor is geared motors best substitute products.
  We believe that the biggest competitor is not other people, but their spirit of this principle, development and manufacture of high-quality European and American rival Nissan Motor boutique permanent magnet synchronous motor, compared with Europe and America, the same type of motor, with which our products can have comparable quality, great price advantage, cost is very high; with permanent magnet low speed synchronous motors domestic comparing our products belong to both the appearance and internal, are not comparable, we have a higher quality product , higher precision, more stable performance, longer life, but we are still trying.
  From motor parts using CNC machining process basically, the whole perfect motor performance test equipment to develop training professionals to produce high-quality motor, there is a problem to discuss with customers, thus providing solutions according to customer requirements the motor is more in line with customer requirements, customer satisfaction and peace of mind. With our customers to create a win-win goal, it is our usual practice for many years.
  Inter-industry is no secret, only to move forward the company will have the greatest success, and we uphold this idea formally, in product quality leading a big step in the case also continue to strive for excellence, from the details of the continuous improvement, to keep the same type of product in Europe and America closer to full-on, and further create a more satisfactory productivity and quality, and the use of a substantial price advantage that we have access to the international market!
  Versatile: Metro doors, elevator doors, PSD / Pharmaceutical Machinery / Printing Machinery / Test Equipment / CNC machine / Medical Equipment / Textile Machinery / transportation machinery / sweeper / Barrier / welding machine / automatic production line / double-face grinder / Packaging Mechanical / paper machinery / ceramic mechanical / industrial furnaces / food machinery / equipment and other general industries and advertising elevator door, refrigerator door motor, Barrier Motors, sweeper side brush motors, electric motors support legs, mute equipment, frequent reversing industry and other special occasions